Since 1965 Pharma is working hard to fulfill its   customer needs by using high technology & updated machines. The following are some of our technology used.

Clean Area:



Injection blow Moulding machine Battenfield Fisher. It produces eye dropper bottles 5, 10, 15, 20, 35 cc.



Thermo plast injection machine made in Poland. It produces droppers & proof caps.


The capacity of these machines is about 50.000 bottles, caps & droppers per day.


The eyedropper bottles are made of polyethylene lupolen (Basf plastics) Basel.


The moulds used in the production of these bottles are made in Germany under the supervision of Batten field. The production of eyedropper bottles takes place in a clean & hygienic area based on antibacterial floor & ceiling.


Blowing machines:



1- Blowing machine COH KE 20 A: producing filling bottles from 10 cc to 1 liter. The machine has 2 heads, which help increasing the production capacity up to 24.000 bottles per day.



2- Blowing machine COH KE 32 A: produces filling bottle up to 3 liters.


- The last two machines have the ability to produce bottles with window strap (WS) line. Also, they can produce filling bottles & feeding bottles using different kind of materials like polyethylene (PE), polyethylene (PP), polycarbonate (PC), polyvinyl chloride (PVC).




The PVC used in production is Dorlyl which is a food grade & approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).


3- Blowing machine Magic ˝ liters & 2 liter: can produce small filling bottles & large bottles such as sprayers & large shampoo bottles.


4- Blowing machine Automa 3 liter: which produce large filling bottles using different kind of materials as mentioned before.


Injection Moulding machines:


Pharma is using high technology in producing caps, dropper, plastic boxes & inhaler actuators.



- Olympo 220
It produces products of large injection moulds such as inhaler actuators baby’s potty & plates.




- Formoplast
They produce polyethylene & polystyrene products such as graded spoons, measures & pacifiers caps.


The materials used in injection production are approved by the (FDA).


Rotation machines: (Made in Italy) Polyvinyl

It produces:


Vaginal shower in large & medium size
Rectal syringe in three different sizes
Breast suction


All of the above are produced using liquid PVC (FDA) approved.


Moulds Production

Spark Machine



Pharma has the possibility to produce moulds according to customers specification by using update equipments such as spark, universal Lathe, Surface grinding, Shaping, Milling & drilling machines.